Full Tech Factory: Your Strategic Technology Advisor

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of technology, having a seasoned advisor can make the difference between mere survival and strategic success. I am David Scravaglieri, and I bring a wealth of experience gained from leading technology teams at renowned companies such as Mozilla, Qwant, Dott, and more.

What I Bring to the Table:

  1. Business-Driven Technology Strategy:
    • I specialize in aligning technology initiatives with overarching business goals. Your success is my priority, and I will ensure that every technology decision contributes to the strategic success of your organization.
  2. Digital Transformation Expertise:
    • My track record includes successfully contributing to and leading digital transformation initiatives. I understand the challenges and opportunities that come with modernizing operations, processes, and technologies.
  3. Innovation and Emerging Technologies:
    • Staying ahead of the curve is my forte. I am deeply informed about emerging technologies and industry trends, providing your organization with insights on innovative opportunities to maintain a competitive edge.
  4. Risk Mitigation and Security:
    • With experience managing risk in diverse technology environments, I bring a proactive approach to identify and mitigate risks. Your organization’s security and resilience are my top priorities.
  5. Cost Optimization and Vendor Management:
    • Achieving cost-effective technology solutions is crucial. I can guide your organization in optimizing existing investments, evaluating new solutions, and managing vendor relationships effectively.
  6. Cross-Functional Collaboration:
    • Collaboration is key to success. I excel in fostering cross-functional communication, ensuring that technology initiatives align seamlessly with the diverse needs of your organization.

Why Choose working with me and Full Tech Factory:

  • Proven Track Record: My experience spans leadership roles at reputable organizations, where I successfully navigated complex technology landscapes.
  • Strategic Vision: I possess the ability to translate business strategy into actionable technology initiatives, ensuring a cohesive and purposeful roadmap.
  • Passion for Innovation: I am driven by a passion for innovation and the transformative power of technology. Let’s work together to shape the future of your organization.